Renewable Energy

There has been no time in the history of our country when the ability to produce home grown renewable (green) energy has been as important as it is now. The United States federal government and many states have adopted “green energy” based initiatives and tax incentives to support the growth of our renewable energy sector, and these incentives are now a part of the fabric of our commerce and economy.  Our team has decades of experience in assisting companies engaged in all aspects of the renewable energy sectors navigate this complex area of law, which includes understanding government-based incentive programs as well as industry regulation, compliance, policy contracts and advocacy.

We are proud to work with entrepreneurs and startups as well as established companies looking to expand into renewable infrastructure and clean energy projects. We represent land and business owners, solar and other alternative energy developers, EPC Contractors, and renewable energy investors and lenders.

We advise clients on renewable energy site rights, statutory and zoning issues, municipal and county approvals, real estate acquisitions, environmental compliance, land use applications and permits, enterprise structuring and financing, business partnership formation, federal and state regulations, intellectual property rights, taxes, incentives, and securities issues. 

With the right legal team as your partner, you can position your involvement in the renewable energy sector, no matter what arena or level your involvement takes  to succeed and thrive for the long term, reaping the benefits for decades to come.


Serving Clients Everywhere

Our renewable energy practice can work hand-in-hand with you with respect to every step and aspect of renewable energy projects and related technological developments. We work with project developers, EPC contractorsclean energy investors and lenders, energy suppliers in the solar, wind, and biofuel markets, power utility purchasers, property owners, and patent creators.

There is no better time than now to get started. The future of renewable tech is ready for the taking. 

Renewable Energies FAQ's

Although renewable energy, especially solar energy, comprises one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, the path forward is one that has a myriad of financial incentive and regulatory issues that must be navigated through. The need for land use approvals, regulatory approvals, construction financing and the understanding of the entire federal and state incentive availability and regulatory processes by their very nature can involve significant time and expense. Companies creating new technologies in the clean energy sector need investors for research, development, and production. You must comply with strict environmental standards and government reviews.

Navigating these issues is an important part of achieving success in the renewable energy sector. Having a knowledgeable attorney in your corner who can guide you through best practices can make all the difference in the trajectory of your venture.

When you invest in or if your company is engaged in some aspect of the renewable energy marketplace, you will need to partner with a legal team that has experience in all aspects of the industry, from corporate structuring and project financing to license agreements, commercial contracts, technology agreements, government rebates, and insurance. To qualify for federal and state government financial incentives, you must pass environmental reviews and standards and be front burner involved in the complicated application and qualification process. If your company is engaged in the development of new green technologies, you must patent and protect your intellectual property. You will also need tax analysis if you qualify for energy provisions under stimulus programs.

Our team can work closely with you and your other third-party professionals to address all legal issues that arise through the course of your project or investment.

The federal government and many state governments have a history of using financial incentives to develop sectors of the economy. Our federal and state governments provide subsidies and tax incentives for companies venturing into renewable energy markets that require R&D and investment to grow and get traction. After all, renewable energy that’s good for the environment is good for everyone.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) award grants and other types of assistance such as Production Tax Credits (PTC) and Investment Tax Credits (ITC). New Jersey has the Clean Energy Program, Transition Renewable Energy Credits (TRECS), and a Solar Incentive Plan. Pennsylvania offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) and multiple programs like Small Business Advantage Grants and financial support for clean, advanced energy projects from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA). Your lawyer can identify which subsidies and rebates you qualify for and how to benefit.

The most active clean energy markets today harness solar power with solar panel arrays, wind power with turbines and wind farms, hydropower, geothermal power, and nuclear power.

But the clean energy sector doesn’t just stop there. Technologies are being developed every day to more efficiently store and meter energy, particularly in regard to battery power. Smart grid technologies, energy pipeline monitoring technologies, electric vehicle parts, low carbon-emitting products, biofuel and biodiesel projects, water treatment, and space rocket propulsion and fuel technologies are also in high demand.

Because renewable energy is such a complex area, it is no surprise that disputes happen. The most common disputes arise over the following issues:

  • Newly developed technologies that don’t perform as intended,
  • Licensing permissions and consent, or outright patent infringement,
  • Delays in connecting to the greater power grid, which is a complex process,
  • Disagreements over supply or the price of raw materials, or
  • Adverse government actions that affect the project.

When you work with our team, we do everything in our power to help you avoid disputes by addressing important issues ahead of time. But if a dispute arises, whatever it may be, we’ve got your back. Disputes could be resolved through mediation, a negotiated settlement, or litigation, which involves going to court to resolve your issues.

The renewable sector overlaps with a number of complex areas of law, with complicated issues that require creative solutions. Between land use rights and environmental standards, new technologies bring up legal questions that may not always have a clear roadmap to follow. That’s where knowledge and expertise come in – our renewable energy attorneys can help forge these new paths with you as we move towards a greener future.

This involves not just handling the legal details of your renewable energy projects but also advocating for clean energy initiatives with the state legislature by promoting clean energy-friendly legislation and challenging ordinances that block clean energy development.

This is all in addition to managing your venture’s legal needs as a whole – drafting contracts and agreements that protect your best interests, preserving and enforcing your intellectual property when necessary, making sure you stay incompliance with all applicable regulations, and helping you with corporate structure and management including mergers and acquisitions.


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